when the moon comes out

artistic credits


A city.

Every night, a very special visit happens. And every night, someone waits impatiently.

When the Moon comes out, little by little the city is covered in tiny lights. Where will the next light be lit? What is happening inside the houses?

At night, the empty streets are filled with dreams, and the Moon floods them with her light. On one of these nights, I woke up, and I saw that enormous full moon. I was so hypnotized by the Moon that I could not go back to sleep again. And that’s when it happened: the Moon began to sing. She sang to me so I would go to sleep again, and she was by my side all night, looking after my dreams… On that night, something changed forever.

This is the story of the happy meeting between two figures who had been hoping to meet for a long time.

artistic credits

All the people that made this show possible

Author:                                           Elisa Vargas León
Direction and adaptation:         Julia Ruíz Carazo
Music:                                              Mariano Lozano-P
Lighting and sound:                     Juan Felipe Augustín Laguna
Scenery and puppetry:               Iker Pérez Varela
Cast:                                                 Iker Pérez Varela & Elisa Vargas León
Production and distribution:   Elisa Vargas León
Lullaby composed by:                Santiago Ortega Santos
Lullaby sung by:                           Silvia Bustamante Elvira
Building prop design:                 Elena Díaz Frutos
Mechanisms and forging:         Antonio Cantos
Photography:                                Juan Manuel Jiménez & Útopi
Video:                                              Útopi