arena en los bolsillos

Arena en los Bolsillos was founded in Granada in 2008 by Iker Pérez and Elisa Vargas. It is a professional theatre company specializing in puppet and object theatre for babies and toddlers. Ever since it began, the company has concentrated on a very specific line of work: professional theatre dedicated to art and early childhood.


We were clear from the start that our discipline was puppet theatre, something we are truly passionate about. But we soon became aware that we also needed to focus our work on a specific age group.

We’re fascinated by babies’ and toddlers’ creative processes, and we thought it would be brilliant to work for this very special audience. We have always believed that these little people embody innocence in its purest state. If there is one set of human beings who can truly be amazed and moved by the beautiful deception of theatre, it is small children.

Since then, all of our work has focused on creation, experiences and study linked to this age group. Babies and toddlers are, without doubt, the most demanding audience, and that’s why we feel such respect when creating something for them. It is fortunate, then, that they are also the most appreciative public you could ask for. We knew our mission would be a huge challenge, but this challenge has also been our biggest motivation.